Track your order

Resend confirmation email

You can always check the status of your order through your order status page, accessible from your confirmation email.

A handy color-coded timeline will tell you exactly what’s happening with your order as it goes through the production process, when it’s ready to be shipped and once it actually ships.

While the campaign is still running, you can also use your order status page to edit your order – add or subtract order items, change sizes, or update your shipping address – all without having to contact support.

Are you still missing your confirmation email? Please double-check your spam folder — it might have been caught by your spam filter. You can also use the form below to resend your confirmation email, just give us the email address used when ordering! If you still can’t find your confirmation email after it has been resent, please contact us at

Why is there a charge on my card?

A charge from REPRESENT.COM/CHARGE on your bank statement means that you have placed an order through a campaign running on

I did not make a purchase

If you have not placed an order on but are seeing a charge from us, please send us an email at . Kindly indicate the date of the charge, the amount of the charge and the last 4 digits of your credit card so we can resolve the issue and reverse any unauthorized charges.

We would greatly appreciate if you first contact us to resolve any unauthorized charges before contacting your bank. We work tirelessly to ensure that no incorrect charges are made, but on the odd occasion it does happen we work quickly to fix the issue. Involving your bank often lengthens this process.